Warning - Bruce Lee AP factory rejects being offered for sale

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    George Sohn, CEO of Toynami has asked me to put word out that a number of unauthorised Bruce Lee AP Game of Death statues are being offered for sale.

    Only 25 pieces were made, however several were factory rejects that were supposed to be destroyed, yet illegitimately made it out of the factory and on to the secondary market.

    Unfortunately a member of a statue collecting group appears to have recently bought one such piece.

    The rejects do ship in legitimate boxes (overage from the regular production run), however they do not ship with COAs. These certificates are the only document that guarantees you are buying a genuine Cinemaquette. If in doubt do not buy.

    (We know here that two members own APs without COAs but the provenance of these pieces was confirmed by George himself and those members have all the evidence to prove it in the event they were to sell).

    Anyone interested in purchasing a legitimate Bruce Lee Game of Death AP directly from Cinemaquette,
    can do so through this forum:


    Pictures of the rejects attached.

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