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    Somebody likes your stuff!

    Somebody has liked one of your Galleries Media files or one of your comments to such a file.

    Keep participating in your own and other Loungers Galleries to receive Trophies.

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    First Media added to your Gallery

    You have added your first media file to your Gallery and by doing so, contributed directly to CBD's layout. Thank you!

    In future, your personal Gallery can serve as THE central hub to build a stylish online portfolio of your collection or other projects in High-Res and with unlimited storage capacity.

    Share with others by clicking the "Media Gallery Embed" button when composing a message here on CBD or link directly to your Gallery from anywhere on the internet.

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  3. Random achievements

  4. Beta Tester Supremo

    Beta Tester Supremo

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    Awarded for relentless Beta-Testing of CBD-Reloaded

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  5. Top Donator

    Top Donator

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    Awarded for contributing to the CBD cause.

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