Cinemaquette statement on eBay auctions.

In recent weeks a number of Cinemaquettes have been offered for sale on eBay without the Certificate of Authenticity and colour collector’s box.

Cinemaquette CEO George Sohn has contacted CBD directly about this matter. George has asked that collectors be aware that he does not in any way endorse or advise any collector to participate in, or purchase any Cinemaquette that does not come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Remember that without the Certificate of Authenticity, there is no guarantee that your Cinemaquette is the genuine article.

Collectors are also advised to look out for Cinemaquettes offered for sale as “un-numbered” or “Artist Proof” editions.

If you are in any way concerned about the legitimacy of a Cinemaquette offered for sale on the secondary market, please email for verification – preferably including a link to the auction or website in question.

Thankfully the majority of Cinemaquettes sold on eBay or online sites are legitimate. However there are a minority of cases where the provenance of a unit is unlawful, and neither Cinemaquette nor CBD wish to see collectors taken advantage of by individuals looking to capitalise on the brand or product. Such activity goes against the very ethos of Cinemaquette, and undermines some of the core principles of genuine collectors.

Thank you.

Holy new packaging Batman!

The Hollywood Collector’s Gallery Blog recently published some images of new packaging arrangements for the Cinemaquette Presents Batmobile. They are reproduced below. The original blog can be followed HERE.

FPI will show you the true nature of the Force!

The Darth Vader Cinemaquette is now available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet International. Competitively priced at £1,499, the piece can be ordered HERE.

FPI also have some slightly higher-res pictures of the piece available to view.

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