Dateline: 20th of July 2011. Location: Booth 3229, Convention Centre, San Diego, CA

In just over ten days time the four-day frenzy of the San Diego Comic Con will begin again, relentlessly hurling new products at the radars of collectors the world over.

The big questions for Cinemaquette fans this year is what’s next? Will Cinemaquette continue with another big franchise character to follow in the footsteps of Superman and Darth Vader, or aim for something totally unexpected?

Unlike previous years there’s been nothing solid to go on, with not even so much of a hint of what to expect down at the Toynami booth 3229.

All being well, CBD will be there on Preview Night (Wednesday 20th of July). We will endeavour to be the first to announce details of the next release, along with a mighty onslaught of images and information the like of which has never been seen.

In addition we’ll also continue our coverage of the Darth Vader Cinemaquette, with further specifications of the final production pieces.

Stay tuned for the show – you won’t want to miss it.

CBD interviews Paul Komoda!

As promised several days ago, CBD is proud to bring you the latest Cinemaquette interview, this time featuring Paul Komoda who’s worked on several Cinemaquette projects, most notably the Alien.

CBD are very grateful for the time Paul has devoted to this feature, as well as assistance from George Sohn from Cinemaquette, and our very own Rafael who helped to facilitate everything – thanks all!

Aside from pages 2 and 12, all of the images within the feature are copyright Paul Komoda, and are used with his permission.

Use the right cursor to flick through the pages, and don’t forget the images can be zomed using the highslide feature in the bottom right corner of each page!


Well Alien fans do we have something special for you! CBD will shortly publish an exclusive interview with Cinemaquette Alien creator Paul Komoda. Aside from an in-depth insight into the design and sculpture of the beast, Paul also reminisces on the time he spent with Giger in Switzerland, and reflects on the Cinemaquette Alien five years on.

Paul also granted CBD access to his private collection of Alien images, many before unseen – including the original concept base, which is truly a work of art in its own right.

Keep an eye on the CBD Blog for the full interview in the coming days.

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