I was told that Flash is the cool new kid on the block and you have to have that or nobody will even consider visiting your homepage in the first place… :roll:

Alright, alright, nothing new about Flash you’ll say, that is already stoneage dude! Yeah, I agree, but since John told me about it’s versatility to handle small videos I thought I’ma give it a shot. Could be very useful in the future.

NOTICE: I tested this with IE7 and Firefox and it worked fine, however there were loads of problems with Flash and IE6 on my VirtualPC.
So please Please PLEASE (!!!) write a comment especially if you have IE6 and how it’s turning out for you. I appreciate it!

You’ll need the Flash Player for your browser in order to run these two. Oh and the Flash animations were not done by me, so give credit where it’s due. ;)

edit: Added the Indy Trailer

Indy Trailer




I did some design polish to the page over the holiday weekend. People might notice that there’s a new fancy

  • Highslide Effect
  • to the pictures on the page which allows to drag’n’drop pictures while still browing the content among other things.
    Another feature I really wanted to include was a

  • Newsletter
  • to sign up to and get information when there’s something new in the sections that might be of interest to you. You’ll find a new button on the top right to sign up and I’d be happy if you’d make use of it. I promise there’s no Spam involved. ;)
    Last but surely not least I added the ever-so-lovely

  • Emoticons
  • to the site. This will convert the regular sideways smiling face to it’s graphical equivalant as well as give you the possibility to see the available smiley list when writing comments to posts. Here’s some examples:
    :pirate: :indy: :overreact:
    … oh, wait, did I mention that I included this :die: animation solely for Guestbook trolling Aliens, even if they are pink?

    Btw. I took a day off today and went to the Sea. Here’s some pictures I took in case you’ve never been there, beautiful day too:

    Sideshow Rogue Comiquette – Adam Hughes design

    After a good long wait (the Black Cat Comiquette must have been announced about a good year ago), Sideshow finally did it and put the new Marvel Rogue Comiquette up for preorder last thursday.

    Based on the drawings of famous comic book artist Adam Hughes, the Rogue Comiquette adds nicely to this rather classic style kind of statue line, especially if you appreciate AH’s somewhat exaggerated approach on female anatomy.

    Rogue Production

    Personally I wanted a Rogue statue for quite some time just because she’s a rather interesting Marvel character to me and I like her attitude in the comics. Unfortunately there was very little choice besides Bowen’s FS release and some garage kits.

    Now if you go and actually compare the Bowen statue to the Sideshow one, you’ll notice the same approach on the base with Rogue crashing through a brick wall.
    Well that’s obviously a thing owed to AH himself simply because that’s how he sketched her in the first place and manufacturers just adopted it.
    Since Sideshow stayed consistend with this line and included the artwork for the Exclusive Version, I’m not all too bothered even though there has been opinion that the base would take away from the actual Rogue figure and people were longing for a museum kinda pose.

    Who knows, maybe Bowen will show us something museum style further down Phase IV, other than that I wouldn’t get my hopes up to see a “better” Rogue piece anytime soon.

    rogue1.jpg rogue2.jpg

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