Volume XIII revealed!

Volume XIII is the Gillman from the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Head over to the Lounge HERE. for pictures and details!

Go main engine start!

The Comic Con 2011 is under-way and CBD are there for your viewing pleasure. Hey, what do you mean you want photographic proof?

It’s ever so slightly surreal to be part of the extravagance this year. Never before have I seen quite so many people fill a large hall to bursting point. But enough of that – you want to know about the Darth Vader Cinemaquette, and the next piece right?

Well on entry to the Comic Con I headed straight for the Toynami section. The licensed Vader was on display and without doubt is the type of piece that just stops you dead in your tracks. Aside from the impact of the scale and pose itself, I found the execution to be simply flawless. The sabre lights perfectly the entire length; the nameplates are inter-changeable (one front and one back); the base takes power from the mains; and there looks to be a single switch to control lights and sound.

So what about the new piece? Well it’s still under wraps for now. All being well we should get our first look at the prototype on Friday or Saturday, when it’s displayed next to Darth. We undertake to have the first pictures and details of it anywhere, so stay tuned for now.

A brief history of Cinemaquette

From the Big Bang to heros and villains…

Well the San Diego Comic Con is now but a few days away. Just enough time surely for CBD to flick back through the pages of Comic Con legendĀ for a pictorial review of Cinemaquette’s booths since 2004!

San Diego Comic Con has historically been the place where Cinemaquette have made their latest announcements and previews. In fact, Toynami chose the Comic Con in 2004 to showcase the Cinemaquette brand for the first time, with the first batch of prototypes unveiled amongst the setting of a mock movie theatre. So let’s set the time circuits; destination 2004…

2004: Toynami unveils the detailed world of “CINEMAQUETTE”

Toynami chose the New York Toy Fair in 2004 to announce their lastest brand – Cinemaquette – a line of exquisitely detailed high-end collectible maquettes based on some of the most popular science-fiction, fantasy and action films.

However it wasn’t until the 2004 San Diego Comic Con that collectors were given their first glimpse of the first three volumes of Cinemaquette – the T-X, T-850 (complete with silicone skin and real human hair), and T-800. Cinemaquette also announced a series of other film licenses they had acquired at the time, including Alien and Predator: Lord of the Rings (Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf), Pirates of the Caribbean (Captain Jack Sparrow), and Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones).

Volumes present
T-X (first appearance)
T-850 (first appearance)
T-800 (first appearance)

2005: The line extends…

2005 saw Cinemaquette extend the line to officially include both Aragorn and the Alien. The protoypes shown at the show underwent some modifications before being released the following year.

Volumes present
Alien (first appearance)
Aragorn (first appearance)

2006: If adventure has a name…

2006 was the year of action and adventure – with Cinemaquette showing their Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones maquettes for the first time to much praise. The line-up for 2006 represented the largest gathering of Cinemaquettes at any one show, and the last time the Alien and Terminator pieces would be taken to San Diego.

This Comic Con was also notable for revealing work-in-progress portraits of both Marlon Brando and the Predator by Jeff Yagher and Steve Wang respectively – a sign of things to come for next year perhaos?

Volumes present
T-X (last appearance)
T-850 (last appearance)
T-800 (last appearance)
Alien (last appearance)
Jack Sparrow (first appearance)
Indiana Jones (first appearance)

2007: The hunt begins…

2007 was the year of the Predator: Steve Wang’s teaser portrait from 2006 gave way to an enormously detailed sculpt standing over 32″ tall. Cinemaquette also revealed their finished Godfather and took along Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones for good measure.

Volumes present

Aragorn (last appearance)
Jack Sparrow
Indiana Jones
Predator (first appearance)
Godfather (first appearance)

2008: Enter Bruce Lee

After being rumoured for a while, the Bruce Lee Cinemaquette was finally showcased as the latest volume in the ever-increasing line-up at the 2008 show. Also the 2008 show produced the first inklings of things to follow… that being the “iconic hero and villain” rumour…

Volumes present
Jack Sparrow (last appearance)
Indiana Jones (last appearance)
Predator (last appearance)
Bruce Lee (first appearance)

2009: You’ll believe a Cinemaquette can fly!

Although Superman was no secret on day one of the show (the piece had been announced via a teaser on the Cinemaquette website about a week before), details of the actual piece were scarce. The Comic Con gave collectors the first chance to see the prototype Cinemaquette had been working on.

The question now, how do you top the Man of Steel?

Volumes present
Godfather (last appearance)
Bruce Lee (last appearance)
Superman (first appearance)

2010: I am your father!

So 2010 was the year Darth Vader received the Cinemaquette treatment. Displayed alongside Darth was the finished Superman piece, and a limited Artist Proof edition of Bruce Lee dressed in the iconic Game of Death costume.

Volumes present
Darth Vader

Well all that remains now is to sit tight for just a few more days… the new Cinemaquette is coming – but then you knew that already, right?

Which character will be immortalised and added to the roll-call? Keep your eyes firmly peeled on CBD over the coming days for the answer. If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn from Cinemaquette.. it’s expect the unexpected. :)

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