Go main engine start!

The Comic Con 2011 is under-way and CBD are there for your viewing pleasure. Hey, what do you mean you want photographic proof?

It’s ever so slightly surreal to be part of the extravagance this year. Never before have I seen quite so many people fill a large hall to bursting point. But enough of that – you want to know about the Darth Vader Cinemaquette, and the next piece right?

Well on entry to the Comic Con I headed straight for the Toynami section. The licensed Vader was on display and without doubt is the type of piece that just stops you dead in your tracks. Aside from the impact of the scale and pose itself, I found the execution to be simply flawless. The sabre lights perfectly the entire length; the nameplates are inter-changeable (one front and one back); the base takes power from the mains; and there looks to be a single switch to control lights and sound.

So what about the new piece? Well it’s still under wraps for now. All being well we should get our first look at the prototype on Friday or Saturday, when it’s displayed next to Darth. We undertake to have the first pictures and details of it anywhere, so stay tuned for now.

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