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So that was Comic Con 2011

The San Diego Comic Con 2011 is over. After five days of intense collectables action, including a major Cinemaquette reveal for CBD, I have only one question: where the hell do I sign up for 2012? Soon enough I’ll be recollecting the events of the past few days, and continuing to pillage my cameras for […]

Volume XIII revealed!

Volume XIII is the Gillman from the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Head over to the Lounge HERE. for pictures and details!

Go main engine start!

The Comic Con 2011 is under-way and CBD are there for your viewing pleasure. Hey, what do you mean you want photographic proof? It’s ever so slightly surreal to be part of the extravagance this year. Never before have I seen quite so many people fill a large hall to bursting point. But enough of […]