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FPI will show you the true nature of the Force!

The Darth Vader Cinemaquette is now available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet International. Competitively priced at £1,499, the piece can be ordered HERE. FPI also have some slightly higher-res pictures of the piece available to view.

Alert all commands!

Cinemaquette Volume XII Darth Vader is now available for pre-order on Cinemaquette’s Official Website. List status “one month” for US customers. Congratulations to everyone who orders one early. Here are the complete set of official pictures from the Cinemaquette site.

It is useless to resist!

Directly from Cinemaquette CEO George Sohn himself, CBD is both honoured and thrilled to be given this exclusive opportunity to reveal Volume XII of the Cinemaquette line for everyone in this galaxy, not to mention those far, far away… Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, looks the very personification of evil as he […]