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So that was Comic Con 2011

The San Diego Comic Con 2011 is over. After five days of intense collectables action, including a major Cinemaquette reveal for CBD, I have only one question: where the hell do I sign up for 2012? Soon enough I’ll be recollecting the events of the past few days, and continuing to pillage my cameras for […]

A brief history of Cinemaquette

From the Big Bang to heros and villains… Well the San Diego Comic Con is now but a few days away. Just enough time surely for CBD to flick back through the pages of Comic Con legendĀ for a pictorial review of Cinemaquette’s booths since 2004! San Diego Comic Con has historically been the place where […]

Dateline: 20th of July 2011. Location: Booth 3229, Convention Centre, San Diego, CA

In just over ten days time the four-day frenzy of the San Diego Comic Con will begin again, relentlessly hurling new products at the radars of collectors the world over. The big questions for Cinemaquette fans this year is what’s next? Will Cinemaquette continue with another big franchise character to follow in the footsteps of […]